The Mudgway Warranty

The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty provided by Mudgway Trailers in respect of trailers manufactured by the company:

The terms of this warranty have been influenced by the harsh conditions in which trailers are used and the responsibility of owners to regularly inspect, clean and maintain these products.
It is often difficult to determine whether an owner has adhered to these stipulations properly.

The terms of the warranty are broken down into various timeframes.
In each timeframe the warranty period runs from the date of manufacture which is stamped on the trailer.
For a specific claim to be considered it has to be made prior to the expiry of the relevant timeframe.

In each case warranties are subject to the limitations set out below:

2-Year Limited Warranty
Replacement/repair of chassis; axels; winch posts and -plates.

12-Month Limited Warranty
Replacement/repair of all other trailer components manufactured by Mudgway Trailers.

6-Month Limited Warranty
Replacement/repair of wheel-bearings; lights, wiring, springs.
Please note: Hella lights have a 5-Year Warranty.


Under all the abovementioned warranties, Mudgway Trailers warrants that it will replace of repair free of charge any components that need replacement or repair as a result of defective workmanship and/or materials.

The warranty covers normal use only and does not extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or accident.

The obligation of Mudgway Trailers under this warranty is further limited to the repair and replacement of defective components only.
Under no circumstances shall Mudgway Trailers be liable for any consequential, indirect or incidental damage of any kind incurred by reason of the manufacture, workmanship, sale, use, or otherwise of the trailer, or any defective component.

Nor will it be responsible for any repair charges carried out to defective components by people other than itself unless prior written authorisation has been granted.

Mudgway Trailers does not warrant the galvanising of trailers and it is specifically excluded.

Mudgway Trailers does not warrant parts and other products included/used on its trailers that are not manufactured by Mudgway Trailers. Such parts and products should be covered by individual warranties provided by the manufacturers of such parts and products. Mudgway Trailers will assist customers to approach said manufacturers in respect of such claims.

If products have to be returned for repair, owners are responsible for the cost of transportation and insurance.

Warranty Procedure

Whilst every effort is made to process warranty claims as quickly and efficiently as possible, the proper procedure must be followed if warranty issues are to be resolved to both your and out satisfaction.

  • All warranty claims relating to parts must be authorised by Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers before any request is made for replacement parts from Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers or suppliers of our components;
  • All warranty claims relating to warranty work must be authorised by Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers before any work is carried out on the trailer;

Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers will assist customers when dealing with our suppliers in respect of claims and the supply of replacement parts. It will also assist in arranging for the necessary work to be done on trailers. However we stress that this must be authorised in advance by Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers.

Dunlea Products/Mudgway Trailers will not accept liability for any cost incurred for replacement parts purchased or work done without us having authorised in advance the supply of such parts or work.

All warranty queries and claims should in the first instance be directed to Jill Dunlea at 03 319 5481 or